Hi, I’m Jon(he/him).

I’m trying my best to learn & build at the intersections of justice & technology

I grew up on the internet, playing with carputers and cameras and working up the courage to talk to people in real life. In 2007, I found a group of people that taught me how to be in relationship with community. We made meals, and films , and gardens, and shared life stories with each other.

Together, we formed  CEF (Community Empowerment Fund) — a place I called family for over 11 years; a place that is perpetually up to that good-kind-of-trouble.

I owe an immeasurable debt to folks that have led me to this point—so I’m trying my best to keep on: listening, learning, and making with a hopeful eye towards change.

In another life: I hope to spend all day outside with plants and people I love— and to have nothing to do with computers.